Thread Thursday: It’s All About Kic Streetwear Brand
Published 10 months ago by

Presenting Kic, a Johannesbug based streetwear brand that is climbing their way to the top. For them its all about keeping it fun, quirky and colourful with their ranges of cool and laid back garments from hoodies to tracksuits and many more.

As the brand continues to appeal to the generation of Soundcloud kids, they help provide a platform for youngsters to fully express themselves through fashion and style. In gaining traction and popularity online, Kic has worked with and featured some of the coolest kids in Mzansi from L.E.R.A.I to Reneilloe Madida-Lethoko to A-Reece. According to the brand they styled the young local rapper in one of their most famous pieces for a cover shoot.


Although many products are unavailable on the brand’s website due to the national lockdown, Kic encourages that customers stay connected through contacting their sales department for further updates on the situation going forward. However to give us something to look forward to, the brand also announced that they plan to release in 2021.

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