Thread Thursday: The Creative Artist Behind Lukhanyo Mdingi
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This week’s Thread Thursday designer is nothing short of incredibly talented and innovative. He’s work has been featured on prestigious platforms such as New York Fashion Week, Vogue Italia and I.D., just to name a few. Now, we take a closer look at all that went into building such a great talent.

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Lukhanyo Mdingi is indeed the artist behind the self titled fashion brand that’s been making waves in the local and international fashion scene. With its anchoring in intelligent and considered design, Lukhanyo Mdingi has proven to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the art of fusing the magical world of avant garde together with the very practical style of ready to wear. However, without getting too much into the details of the brand’s defining characteristics, lets dive into the story that started it all.

Image Source: @lukhanyomdingi Instagram

Born in the scenic city of East London, Lukhanyo Mdingi has always had an interest for fashion and beauty from a young age. After graduating from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as well as being an Elle Rising Star Design Award finalist, Mdingi managed to make a name for himself for his very high fashion designs. He is certainly one who is very much involved in the entire fashion design process from the concept right down to the fine details on the garments. It is his love for classic brands that has seen him stand the test of time after talking to Fader five years ago about what he identifies with, saying:

“I love classic, traditional brands. I want to be a traditionalist. When I look at ready to wear clothes, it’s all about functionality and wearability. I really love form. I love structure and texture and feel.”

Lukhanyo Mdingi  

Image Source: @lukhanyomdingi Instagram


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