Thread Thursday: Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award Update
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Rising student fashion designers in and across Durban have been been working away in preparation to compete in the prestigious, Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award brought to you by Durban Fashion Fair.


Image Source: Vodacom Durban July

The competition which will take place on 29 June at one of Durban’s biggest malls, the Gateway Theatre of Shopping will showcase all the amazing fashion talent that KZN has to offer. This year with the theme being ‘Birds of a Feather’, second year fashion design students were tasked to design and create a race day look based on the set theme.

With an interest in how the students never fail to deliver on the impressive designs, industry fashion designer and member of the competition’s panel of judges, Greg Wallis had the following to say:

“It is quite amazing how every year the students arise to the occasion and no matter what the theme is, they interpret it in their own way and I must say the research and thought which have gone into the outfits this year was quite incredible.”

– Fashion Designer and Judge Panel Member, Greg Wallis

Image Source: IOL Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Also commenting on this year’s Vodacom Durban July (VDJ) Young Designer Award following his win of the competition back in 2016, Martin Steenkamp had the following to say:

“Creative direction is the love of my life, I can do it all day, every day. I enjoy watching how our students interpret and design themes they are given. This year’s theme, ‘Birds of a Feather’, is open and wide and has allowed students to explore mythological and cultural interpretations.”

– Pietermaritzburg School of Fashion Creative Design Lecturer, Martin Steenkamp


Image Source: Rising Sun Overport

And Lastly, out of pride for his design students, Vega Fashion School lecturer, Keegan Naidoo said:

“Fashion is about art, history and culture, it’s beautiful storytelling. You tell a story through visuals, as well as showcasing individuality and style. I absolutely love it. To win the VDJ Young Designer Award does wonders for any young designer’s career.”

– Vega Fashion School Lecturer, Keegan Naidoo





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