Three New Albums To Add To Your Weekend Playlist Today
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Throughout this week some of our favourites have dropped some new music and we have just had to share them with you. This week we had some music from the likes of Vanco, Mwah keys, SoulLab and a remix package of Kid Fonque and Sio’s In Love. Check out the best albums and let us know what you think.

Vanco – Memories EP

Memories is an easily digestible five-track EP that will take you on an unexpected sonic journey. The EP fuses the contemporary sounds of Afro-house with eurocentric electronic House Music, all in a progressive melting pot, seasoned with a touch of mid-tempo House.

Vanco’s experimentation with sounds stems from his travels playing all across the world which all culminated in this 5 track EP. The influences are strategically equally spread across the 5 tracks, and this gives you time to take them in at a digestible pace and sort through them according to your tastes.

The EP kicks off with a track featuring Kid X and Boskasie. This is an attempt at recreating the classic mid-temp of the early 2000s. Not the strongest track in the project to say the least but this countered by the last track on the EP Impilo.

Mhaw Keys – Out Cast EP

You might remember Mhaw Key from his performance on one of the biggest songs to come out of the first Scorpion King’s collaboration, “Koko” and in Piano Hub.

Mhaw Keys’ debut EP features a number of his frequent Amapiano collaborators. ShaSha and Kabza De Small and the are some of the noteworthy features that are on this project. Moreover, the project is solid in form and structure, kicking it off with a reprised version of his Nokkhuda.

Kid Fonque feat. Sio – In Love (Remixes)

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If you are in touch with the Deep House scene then you will recognize this next collection of remixes of Kid Fonque & Sio’s In Love. In Love was an interlude in his groundbreaking debut Album ‘I Move To A Different Beat’. This song served as a breather comprised of only Sio’s vocals over a beautifully arranged digital synth.

The remixes and edits of this interlude come from four of Stay True’s signees, Throne Miller, China Charmeleon, Jazzuelle, and Kevin Murning. Even though its remixes of the same track, the guys have done a great job of making it their own. They all of them come through with a different flavour of House Music. Listen for more above.

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