TIPS on how to BEAT depression!
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HHP-Maftown Heights 2012

South African rapper HHP, real name Jabulani Tsambo recently spoke out about attempting to take his life three times last year. The rapper stated that he was having issues at home, radio shows were no longer playing his music and he was not getting booked much and all of this led him to a dark place that made the idea of death sound appealing.

Twitter’s response to HHP’s confession was outrageous and you could tell from the tweets that people are not well informed about the illness, It’s not something that you can just snap out of, but rather a silent killer if not treated properly.

Depression is a mood disorder that can affect anyone, young or old, rich or poor.  There are many different types of depression namely; clinical depression, bipolar, seasonal affective disorder; major depression, atypical depression, and psychotic depression. The most common symptoms of depression are feeling helpless and hopeless, appetite change, sleep changes, being negative, self-hate, loss of energy, anger, and irritability.

Below is a list of how you can deal with depression or how you can help someone you know who you think might be depressed.

  1. Turn to meaningful and supportive people you can speak to about your challenges, If you do not have a friend or a family member that you can talk to, there are support groups such as the Depression and Anxiety group that are always willing to help.
  2. Get involved, be it socially or just joining a club or a sports team. Having a social life or being part of a sports team will keep you busy and it will make you feel like you are valued. Surrounding yourself with positive people creates positive energy.
  3. Do things that you love.
  4. Have a healthy diet. Proteins are good for beating depression. Walnuts are known to lessen depression and whole grains are just as good and fish has brain boosting properties that help fight depression.
  5. Lastly, exercise!

If you  are going through a hard time, or know someone who is going through a tough time and shows signs of depression call 011 262 6396 for help.

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