TLT release SWEETY: an ode to WOMEN
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A year after releasing their previous single “Nice Life Problems”, L-Tech and Trouble from the rap duo TLT just released their follow up single titled Sweety! The song Samples the 2007 smash hit Sweety My Lovey, by DJ Walker. TLT felt like they needed to express how they felt about Love and their partners.

Considering how much negativity there is around men and how they treat women, the group felt like they needed to be the voice of reason, a voice that spoke about how much they value women and the impact that they have on their lives. The song speaks about love, relationships, the values that they appreciate in a woman and how they would go to the ends of the world to make sure that they keep her safe.

Well the inspiration behind the song is that we just wanted to spread the word of love and at the same time give people something to dance to hence the house sample

Comments L-Tech.

We want people to lose their minds whenever they hear the song, we hope they will receive it the way we feel about it, we think it’s a hit and we hope everyone agrees

Trouble concludes.

Listen and download Sweety Here: http://smarturl.it/TLTSweety

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