TNS ‘uMona’ Music Video Decoded
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Nkazimulo “TNS” Ngema has released the first video from his debut album Madlokovu King Of African House.

When TNS first released ‘uMona’ featuring Mpumi we quickly speculated that he was addressing the lawsuit allegations. TNS was allegedly handed a letter of demand roughly two months ago from former Manager and PR guru Ngcebo Ndima. The letter that was sent to TNS was a letter with the details of his breach of contract¬†between him and¬†Charlie Communications.

Since the claim of a possible lawsuit has been publicized TNS made a curious decision to Umona as his first single. Now TNS has revealed to visuals for Umona and we think that they are pretty interesting.

uMona – Music Video break down

In a recent video interview, we had with TNS had touched a lot on his work ethic and passion behind his music. So it is no surprise to us that the opening scene of the video is of him in the studio working on so new track. He is so stuck in his work and does not notice the sun coming up until he opens up the curtain. This scene is to showcase to the fans and haters alike that he is a hard worker regardless of what they may say about him.

In the scenes that follow, they depict TNS starting his day and it tandem with Mpumi. And on his way to his first location, he bumps into a sign that reads; “TNS FACES LAWSUIT”. So with this, he is pointing to the hate that he has garnered from his success as he is chauffeured passed the sign.

TNS goes from being chauffeured to taking a taxi, which sends a mixed message. From being able to afford to be chauffeured (A display of success) to paying R12 for a taxi (displaying that he is down to earth).

While in the taxi TNS receives a text message which reads;

You wont do anything without me!!

I own you, I have people who can ruin your career in the palm of my hand.

The text message does not say who it could be from but judging from what we already know we could speculate.

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