#TrapTuesday: Setro Beats Releases Mixtape, Street Made
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Cape Town born artist, Setro Beats is out #TrapTuesday feature today! The talented producer and DJ has released his 6 track mixtape titled Street Made which features artists such as Lurah, A-God and Supreme Swank to name a few. Peep it. 

Sabelo “Setro Beats” September was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a Hip Hop Producer and Mixing Engineer. He grew up listening to House Music and has always wanted to create his own since the age of 12 years old. He had no idea, though, how music was created until he was introduced by a friend to a DAW, called FL Studio. This is when he started making his own House Beats and DJing which ultimately led him to fall in love with Hip Hop.

His mixtape, Street Made and it is a 6 track effort which sees him feature artists such as Lurah, A-God, Kolping, Simulation Rxps and Supreme Swank. These artists help Setro fill this mixtape with some flesh and vibrant energy.  

Street Made is a well made mixtape with plenty of commercial worthy singles such as the Trap heavy Most High where Lurah declares himself a “trap god” and how he is chasing his dreams on NDE. Fuck Friends is a laid back one about him not needing friends to succeed but he will die for his famo. He goes on beast mode on Plug while rapping about gaining massive success and moving his mama out of the hood. 

Link up with Setro Beats on Twitter, @setrobeats for more updates on the music. 

Peep the mixtape below!

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