#TrapTuesday With Humphrxy
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Talented up and coming rapper Humphrxy is out with a new single. The Durban-based artist celebrates Steez Bonani’s birthday, his producer, by releasing Last Seen featuring label mate and fellow rapper, Trill.Gxd. 

Last Seen is the 22 year olds first single off his rumoured upcoming debut project FOR THE FEAR OF GOD. When describing the single, Humphrxy says, “It’s a dedication to the youth… the kids who’ve been shun out because of how they act or behave.”

He further states that this is the song for the outlaws, the non conformists who make up their own rules, “I’ve been through some things that have made me realize that the world expects you to act a certain way and if you don’t you’ll get thrown outside. This is the song for all those outsiders. The kids who feel bad about themselves because they’ve been made to believe how they see the world is whack. F*** that.”

The joint is fresh and has a laid back about it. It is not trappy but has the exciting bass line and the weird percussion which make this a song that you can both vibe to while listening to. Last Seen is not too far a departure from what Humphrxy does which is dope because this sound is not only fresh but it’s different.

This isn’t Humphrxy’s first release, he rapper has released a few other singles this year, most notably Dragon and Phrxy Drugs which are both produced by SteezBonani. The two singles have made airwaves on radio, with DJ LèSoul praising Phrxy Drugs which currently sits on MoveHipHop‏ SA’s 031 Top 10 chart.

Link up with the kid on Twitter and also peep his music on Soundcloud.

Peep Last Seen below!


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