#TrapTuesday With Rising Freshman, YourFamousPlayBEE
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Up and coming rapper YourFamousPlayBEE drops his latest single, ICU

Multi-talented producer, artist and songwriter YourFamousPlayBEE known for his impressive hit singles, has just released a new single titled ICU. He is our feature for today’s #TrapTuesday. 

ICU is an extension of Your Famous BBE’s colourful discography. It has a charismatic syncing beat ancient in its sound and yet authentic. YourFamousPlayBEE (YFP) wrote this song with an aim of conveying message about his experiences in love relationships. And he especially focuses on the very sad moments.  

“The single is also dedicated to all people who broke up with their loved ones and did not get another chance to fix things. It also brings old mementos about the unforgettable things happened during break up,”

expresses YourFamousPlayBEE. 

ICU which is the first single off YourFamousPlayBEE’s upcoming EP, comes with a sensational combination of vocals and dope lyrical flows that will surely resonate with many South Africans.

The rising music star hailing from Ladysmith KwaZulu-Natal started making music since he was 17 years old. He was inspired by Ambitiouz Entertainment artist and the evidence is in the music he makes now. Music became more of a passion to YourFamousPlayBEE during the time when he discovered that he can produce his own music rather than using free downloaded beats.

The rising freshman, whose sound has been inspired by various artists is set to be a breath of fresh air in the music industry. He knows how to balance the more commercial elements with his own style of cultivating great story telling. This already sets him apart from his peers.

Make sure to download YourFamousPlayBEE’s latest single and follow him on social media for more music.

Listen top ICU below!

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