#TrapTuesday with Roy Charamba
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If you, like us, like partying on a Tuesday then you should check out our #TrapTuesday feature. Today, we profile a young and up and coming rapper, Roy Charamba with his new joint, Drinks.

Born and bred in Zimbabawe, Roy Charamba is rapper, producer and self taught-engineer who relocated to South Africa with his parents some time ago. Much like most artists, his passion and love for music developed when he began making beats and writing lyrics at the age of 11. He never stopped making music and sought out a record label who understood his vision and sound and G63 Music was it.

Roy recently dropped his first single, Drinks, recently. The song has Trap influences and it is clearly a turn-up joint judging from the title. Roy raps about partying, having fun and hooking up drinks for his squad in this song. If you have ever partied hard, you will mos def relate to this.

Roy handled the production on this joint and I have to admit that it is on point, from the beat to the quality of the sound; everything sounds refined. One thing though, he sounds like a cross between Frank Casino and Asap Rocky on this which is not necessarily a bad thing but he could do more music where he sounds like himself.

Peep the song below!

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