#TrapTuesday With Theo Roosevelt
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Tuesdays means that we get up close with the country’s up and coming talent who make Trap music. This week, we feature Soweto born rapper, Theo Roosevelt.

Born and raised in Soweto, Pimville, Theo Roosevelt instantly became involved with music due with the fact that he’s grandfather worked at Gallo records in the 80s. The music which he naturally gravitates to include Rap, Raggae, 80s Jazz and Funk. This motivated him to make his own music and thus his record label alongside Two Dee and DJ Honeymoon was born.

Theo’s music wreaks authenticity as he is more of a storyteller; his music relates to life itself. Theo’s versatility makes him able to maneuver around and change he’s sounds at times and to also keep up with the constant changes in the music world.

His most recent release is a single titled Who To Feature. The joint dropped on the 31st of August and the video was shot by Chromakey. The joint speaks about him working on his forthcoming EP titled, A Goofy Tape.

He is rapping about who to feature on the tape in a short video and to be honest, this debut is not a bad attempt. If, as promised, his upcoming EP is about his journey on the come up then we are anticipating it.

Peep the video below!


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