Trend Tuesday: Everybody’s Doing The Toosie Slide
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The Toosie slide is here in SA and it’s got people creating and doing their own renditions to the popular step and slide dance move. Just look at South African YouTuber and dancer, Shelm Eric and the choreography he got cooked up for the Toosie Slide.

But before it became an international viral dance and song, let’s rewind and take it back to how it all started – in the DMs. When an award winning , multi-faceted rapper like Drake hits you up to come up with a cool dance step to his latest song, what do you do?

Well, you better make like Toosie himself and his squad did and get to work because that is how the work of art that is the Toosie step came about. According to GQ Magazine, the dance was made in 45 minutes a little over a month ago where Toosie, an Atlanta based dancer and his crew spent hours perfecting and polishing it.

Everybody was contributing little moves, and slowly but surely, we started piecing it together.” 


After completing the dance, the team went on to record and present it to Drake who gave the slick and smooth dance number the nod, saying:

 “Y’all are the greatest man. This is it!”

                                                                                                                                           – Drake

After getting the go ahead to post the dance clip of the Toosie Slide along with the song, the video went viral, inspiring Tik Tokkers and YouTubers around the world to jump in on the cool moves. Since then, Drake officially dropped the music video to the hit song of which he tries to give the Toosie Slide a try in the video. The rapper is seen dancing around in his hotel like-mansion as he swiftly glides across the hallways to reveal a grand firework display towards the end of the music video. And that is how you Toosie Slide, Drake style. Make sure to watch it all below.



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