Trend Tuesday: Fashion Reprogramming in Today’s Digital Age
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Despite the negative impacts caused by the global pandemic that is Covid-19, rising and talented Ghanaian fashion designer, Biio is still set on thriving in this digital age. With a renewed perspective on the concept of learning and unlearning, this creative talent hopes to inspire the world with his upcoming Fall/Winter 20/21 collection titled, The Programming: A Manifesto. 

Image Source: Glamour

The collection, which explores the two fold style of Ghanaian school uniforms along with the art of embroidery that boasts the legendary ‘graduate portrait’ normally found on exercise books, is a detailed work of art that discovers the new world of rediscovering.

Image Source: Glamour

Speaking on his childhood experiences, the designer always questioned why he had to act and think in a very programmed manner. As a point of interest, Biio explored this very topic within his debut collection, The Programming which dives deep into the conforming ideals of the schooling system.

“In 2012, with a thread, needle, and some scrap print from my mother’s fabric collection, the first Biio garment was assembled in our living room that I’d turn into a workshop. A few amateur running stitches, a Facebook post, and 2 likes later, the concept of Biio was born. As an introverted 17 year old with speech issues, expressing myself had always been a struggle. But on that day I made my first garment, I found the voice I needed to question the status quo I grew up on. Nine years down the line and a brand launch later, the vision has stayed the same. To share stories that constantly challenge our programming and cause our audience to unlearn and reprogram their minds.”


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