Trend Tuesday: Favourite Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram Today
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If there’s one thing that will forever stay trending, it’s good food. Food has the wonderful ability to not only bring nourishment to our bodies but to also bring us closer as people as we sit down and break bread. Sometimes, for others food is more than this. It is a type of artistic expression in which one can fully immerse oneself into creating beautiful and mastered creations, ready for people to celebrate, enjoy and share. And for the people on this list, many resonate with these ideas of food as they share what inspires them in the kitchen on a daily. So without further a do, here’s a list of talented food bloggers and cooks that you need to follow today.

First up we have 25 year old foodie, lifestyle and travel blogger, Luyanda Mafanya. Some may recognize her from the Steers Phandapreneur challenge where she worked hard in the efforts to raise as much as she could from R5 000. Besides sharing her amazing recipes with her followers, Mafanya also enjoys collaborating with cool food industry brands such as Royco South Africa to spread her love and passions for food that much further.

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Amagoda is my new hairstyle♥️

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We then move on from cooking with Luyanda to cooking with Zanele which is the name that our next food lover goes by on the Gram. Not only is she a chef and food stylist but she is also a cook book author and recipe developer. So simply put, Zanele is very much in love with food as we are very much in love with her recipes. With just a quick glimpse of her page one can see that the chef loves to experiment with different colours, textures and ingredients.


Our next food lover is a self taught cook who sees cooking as more of a therapeutic form. From homey and hearty meals to light and smaller ones, Zanele Mvelase has it all. She offers followers fun and easy meal ideas that are both tasty and quick to prepare. So if you’ve been struggling with what to cook lately, make sure to check out her page.

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Baking edition… Carrot & Yoghurt Muffins loafing

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Eddie Vilakazi is certainly a creative of many talents, from lifestyle to travel to fashion to food, Vilakazi is in it. With his food page @urban_cook, the young digital entrepreneur uses the platform to inspire his followers of what they could achieve in the kitchen.


With a simplified approach to cooking this recipe developer, Mrs Chuene L shows her followers that it is possible to make stunning and tasty food without the complexities. Through her detailed dish descriptions and easy to follow, food documenting styles, soon you’ll be able to cook up a storm.

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