Trend Tuesday: I Woke Up Like This – #Nomakeup Look
Published 6 months ago by

If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening with all the makeup looks from your most favourite beauty influencers lately, well consider them on hold for while. With the past lengthening of the lockdown period, more and more influencers are using the time to allow their skin to breathe. Although it is fun to work on creative new makeup looks, the skin definitely needs some space to relax away from all the use of heavy products. That’s why the new beauty trend is “My Bare Face” as celebrities embrace their #nomakeup looks.


Taking care of her skin we have the beautiful Ayanda Thabethe who is standing looking pretty in her kitchen as she sips on a cup of lemon water which is very good for the skin.


Next up, the gorgeous Mabli shows us how to approach the new beauty trend with a cool style adding a pair of slick black sunnies with her all natural bare face.


Supermom, Olwethu Leshabane is showing off not only her natural, #nomakeup face but also her beautiful all natural hair as well. We didn’t even know that the mommy of three has such gorgeous freckles.


And if you still don’t believe that this is a legit beauty trend, just ask the queen of makeup and beauty herself Mihlali Ndamse who dedicated an entire skin care routine video, to encourage others to take better care of their skin. So, for some great advice, make sure to check out Ndamase’s video above.



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