Trend Tuesday: Introducing the New Natural Skincare Trend, Skinimalism
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In a nutshell, skinimalism is a new skincare trend that aims to shift the focus of skincare into a more natural direction. No longer is it about harsh products, airbrushed looks and intense makeup. Now the energy has shifted more towards embracing that natural look of the skin, while embracing its imperfections in the process.

Image Source: BuzzFeed

With the rise of such a trend also comes the rise of its accompanying skincare routines. Now it’s all about putting in the work to make your skin glow from within through without. Some popular skincare practices that have developed as a result of this movement include face yoga, the use of natural masks and products such as aloe vera masks as well as natural makeup that don’t make use of harsh ingredients that might irritate the skin. Instead, many around the world are opting to rather go for more natural alternatives, even though it may mean making and mixing one’s own skincare products.

Image Source: Models.com

From homemade scrubs to DIY mask mixes, the trajectory of the growing beauty industry has certainly shifted towards a more organic approach to skincare and products. However, like with most things natural and organic, the prices will often climb to compensate for that increased quality and added element of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

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