Trend Tuesday: Kairo Forbes Launches New Jewellery Line With Era by Zinhle
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“I am so proud of the work that Kairo and @moozlie did on this project, well done! Little girls are gonna love this”

Kairo Forbes, daughter of Kiernan Forbes (AKA) and Dj Zinhle recently dropped a new jewellery line. Kairo revealed the news of her collaboration with her mother’s accessory brand on her seventh birthday. Prior her birthday Zinhle took the little princess on vacation all the way in Los Angeles.

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Days before her birthday the seven-year-old was having the time of her life in LA with her mother, “aunty” Moozlie and her glammy Lynn Forbes. @Kairo.forbes, who has an Instagram page with a million followers, teased us with behind-the-scenes footage of her KiaroXEra by Zinhle collaboration titled “out of this world.” Aunty Moozlie was there to help Kairo get into her element by directing the shoot and giving her pose ideas.

Taking to social media Kairo further elaborated on the collaboration explaining how the line is tailored for kids. The collaboration between the mother and daughter promises to take buyers on an astronomical adventure that will take them ‘Out of this world.’

The Era by DJ Zinhle Instagram page showed photosets of Kairo showing more of the jewellery items, which will be available for purchase from her collaboration.  The photos show the seven-year-old wearing a gold chain necklace that has a few colourful clouds and star pendants, a gold cloud nail bracelet which matches the necklace, combined with cloud earrings to complete the matching set.

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Dj Zinhle shared a heartfelt message to Kairo on Instagram saying “Kairo launches her jewellery range today with @erabydjzinhle, I am so proud of the work that Kairo and @moozlie did on this project, well done! Little girls are gonna love this”

This is not the first mother and daughter collaboration. The kidfluencer has collaborated before with her mother’s brand, creating children’s watches, sunglasses and spectacles that protected the little ones from harmful effects of blue light emitted by cell phones, computers and TVs.

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