Trend Tuesday: Puma Launches Hometown Heroes Headwear Collection
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Global sports company PUMA is shaking up the headwear market with the launch of Hometown Heroes, a freshly designed and limited edition hat collection featuring 3 cap styles.

But what is a Hometown Hero? It’s inspired all together by the athletes, the artists, and the homegrown talent that stays true to its roots. A Hometown Hero is someone that gives back to the community, while being positive and progressive in all that they do. The new limited edition collection also pays homage to the very roots of street and art culture, as well as PUMA’s incredible sporting history. Reaching back through from 50’s football, to 90’s basketball, and 2000’s action sports; Hometown Heroes respects history, while bowing to its heroes.

PUMA’s first limited edition headwear collection will feature caps, beanies and bucket hats designed and developed in collaboration with Mike Camargo, Creative Consultant and Founder of Upscale Vandal. As an extension of the FOR ALL TIME platform, Mike Camargo is part of “The Collective”, a group of Iconic Culture Influencers, who have shaped the sneaker game over the last 50 years. For his latest collaboration with PUMA, he is leading the Hometown Heroes initiative, further solidifying his connection to his community and amplifying voices within it.

There’s a saying that goes – ‘style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak’, that’s exactly what we have worked towards with the ‘Hometown Heroes’ collection.” 

– Mike Camargo


“The attention to detail that has gone into this new collection is extremely exciting. From the references in the main graphics, to the hidden messages under the visor and even a set of pins, which fans can use to customize their headwear to their personal style. We really wanted to push the boundaries and explore different ways of creating products that tell unique and personal stories.”

– PUMA Head of Design Accessories, Sara Rosina

The Hometown Heroes collection will be supported by PUMA’s own incredible lineup of Hometown Heroes, namely Brazilian football sensation Neymar Jr, U.S. football player Christian Pulisic, Puerto Rican multi-platinum selling music artist Myke Towers, American professional basketball player Kyle Kuzma and our very own Hometown Hero, Uncle Vinny, is representing South Africa on this all star lineup.

The Hometown Heroes headwear collection is currently available at Shelflife, retailing price from  R1199.

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