Trend Tuesday: The Best From The Dolly Parton Challenge
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About a week ago the iconic Dolly Parton posted a picture on Instagram that not only transformed her into a social media Queen that inspired an entire social media trend. Everyone from international to local celebrities have been obsessing over the Dolly Parton challenge. So, what is this challenge you might ask?

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The challenge itself is simple. Just post a picture collage of yourself that represents each social application the best, Tinder, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. The idea behind it all is to show how you can do it all, hence Parton’s caption, “Get you a woman who can do it all”.

The post went viral on Instagram with everyone hashtagging it the Dolly Parton Challenge. South African celebs were quick to jump on this trend adding their own takes on the post. With that, we present you a couple of #DollyPartonChallenge posts from our very own Mzansi celebs.











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And of course some of the funniest ones…

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Oh well.

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Which one’s are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’ve been active in participating in this trend, make sure to share your posts with us on Instagram by tagging @Zkhiphani. We’ll be reposting some of our favourites.

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