Trend Tuesday: Women Supporting Women through #ChallengeAccepted
Published 10 months ago by

Over the past couple of weeks, women from all over the globe have been posting black and white photos of themselves on Instagram as a way to show support and appreciation for other women that inspire them. The challenge, which requires women to use the hashtag, #ChallengeAccepted in their captions has seen more than 3 million photos being shared on the picture sharing app.


Part of the challenge is to also thank the woman who nominated you and to also nominate other women that have inspired your life. Some of the women that have participated in this challenge in South Africa include well known public personalities such as Moozlie, Minnie Dlamini and Unathi just to name a few.

Sharing her words of support for all the women out there, Unathi captioned her post, saying:

“Thank you @piwemots and @onzaonza in solidarity with all women out there. It’s time for us to step up and take charge.”

However, despite the good intentions behind this trending hashtag, many are arguing that unless this challenge is backed up by action it won’t really have as much impact. Although it is good for women to support, appreciate and recognize one another online, it is also as equally important for the same attitude to be carried out through action. However, as mentioned above the trend is gaining great traction online and could inspire an even greater movement for women empowerment and support.

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