Trend Tuesdays: Trevor Noah’s Long Lost Brother, Miguel Pregueiro
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25-year-old Latin Pop singer and songwriter, Miguel Pregueiro, has been on TikTok – the leading destination short-form mobile video – for less than four months; and every time he posts comedy skits his followers would sing the same tune on the comments section: “OMG, you look like Trevor Noah!”

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For the Johannesburg-based performer, this was new! Although he saw similar personality traits between him and The Daily Show host, he didn’t think the resemblance was that striking – at least not enough to get the likes of rapper sensation, Cassper Nyovest, in awe as well.

“I have always been an entertainer! I was an MC at school and enjoyed getting people laughing. In that respect, I could see the similarities and I agreed; but not so much on looks”

                                                                                                                                                   – Miguel Pregueiro

So what is all the hype about? Miguel posted a video on TikTok calling on his brother, Trevor Noah, to connect with him as “they need to talk”. Sounding like Trevor Noah in the opening of the video, Miguel goes on to highlight which of his features he believes could be similar to Trevor’s. “Maybe it’s the hair! Maybe it’s the dimples? Maybe it’s the smile?” he says.

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance? 


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Miguel explains that he has been spending a lot of his time on TikTok during the lockdown which is where he came across the celebrity #lookalike trend. “TikTok was the first platform where I had people tell me I looked like Trevor – it was a no-brainer that I needed to post the video there.” Furthermore, Miguel says that he understands the viral potential of content on TikTok and how he could possibly get attention from the right people. After two days, his video had over 261K views with his following growing on all social platforms.

When asked what he would do should he be given the opportunity to meet Trevor, Miguel laughed and said:

“I would be so sarcastic and refer to him as big brother!”

Visibly excited about this idea, he shares that he is inspired by Trevor Noah and how he has managed to put the South African flag up there.

“I definitely want to meet people who inspire me and Trevor happens to be one of them. I also genuinely think he and I would vibe.”

Jokingly, he closes that he would force a friendship with the doppelganger comedian.

So what can his growing fan base expect from the talented Portuguese speaker?

Miguel says he wishes to continue using TikTok to showcase different aspects of his life, such as his love for football, different impressions and accent videos, which are different from what he posts on other platforms. Have a look at some of his latest videos below:




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