Trending: The Best #dontrushchallenge Videos on Instagram
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Meet the growing social media challenge that’s been taking over the Instagram beauty community lately. If you love and enjoy transforming your style and look through the art of “glam” then this just might be the challenge for you.

However, before you go about giving it whirl, here’s a rundown of how it works. You first start off with shots of yourself looking all fresh-faced with no makeup dressed in everyday comfy clothing. Next, you grab a makeup brush which is representative of your glam wand that’s going to transform you in the next few frames. You take that wand brush and wave in front of the camera lens of which when you remove, reveals a more glitzy and glamorous version of yourself. You then throw that brush to the next person who will then glam up and pass it on to the next. Check out some of the coolest ones below:






The #dontrushchallenge is certainly a great way to get rid of the boredom, connect and also have fun with others online. It’s especially amazing if you are an up and coming Instagram influencer as it gives you the opportunity to reach out and collaborate with other influencers in the game. So if you know you’ve got your style and fashion on point, try giving the the #dontrushchallenge a whirl by tagging and including your whole entire squad of glam lovers and enthusiasts. And when you do, don’t forget to tag @Zkhiphani or @Zkhiphanifashion on Instagram so we can like and share your challenges.

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