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Trick For Buying Comfy Heels Online

Online shopping has taken over and is replacing mainstream shopping. Gone are the days when you’d browse in store, try on your item, queue to pay and leave with the merchandise in hand. Today, as many now prefer, a click of a button can get you your favorite pieces from almost anywhere in the world.

If you’re one of those virtual shoppers who has enough patience and trust to part with your money online, then you probably love online shopping. It’s quick, convenient and less crowded. And best of all,  you can do it in your PJ’s on the comfort of your bed.

One problem that arises when purchasing heels online, however, is usually the fit, size discrepancies and whether or not the shoe you’ve just added to your cart will be as comfortable as you hope. Those in the know say that there is a trick to overcoming this one flaw of shopping for heels online. Take a look:

According to experts, checking the angle of the heel you’re buying online can save your feet from pain and the trauma of wearing uncomfortable heels. The height of the heel is not the only indicator to whether or not a shoe will be comfortable. Experts suggest that you also check the space between the shoe’s heel and its sole.

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The construction of a heel can affect its comfort levels. The heel with the biggest space between the sole and heel will be more comfortable than a shoe with a lesser space between the two points. Place two different pairs of shoes with the same heel height against each other and check the distance between the two areas for both the shoes.

Heel angle1


Even if both heels have the same heel height, the shoe with the widest space will be the more comfortable of the two. The style with more space between the two points is the most comfortable as this allows the shoe to distribute your weight over a wider area.

Test it out. Next time when buying a pair of heels online, find two different pairs of the same heel height on the site. Measure the distance of the heel and sole area with a ruler or tape measure over your computer screen and the heel with the widest space will be the most comfortable.

Have you tried this heel comfortability method and found it to work? Do let us know.

*Info from Womens Weekly and images from Huffington Post, BBc, Getty Images and Haiku Deck 


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