Underrated Fashionista – Nomalanga Shozi

Her style is eccentric, quirky, a bit on the vintage side, but always oh so fabulous! Some may call her a fashion rebel and we’re highly impressed with the eclectic star’s sense of style. She goes by the name Nomalanga Shozi and this flame is our underrated fashionista this Thursday.

Besides her gorgeously lush ‘fro, we also love how Nomalanga is non conforming and always wears what she loves and feels most comfortable in – even if it doesn’t “fit the mould”. It is this radical fashion sense that sets the star apart from her peers and makes her a fashion force to be reckoned with.

If you were ever in doubt of what this TV and Radio personality is capable of putting together all in the name of fashion and artistic expression of self, then allow us to gladly show you!

Are you impressed yet? We done told you that Nomalanga is pure fire! What do you think?

Do let us know if she indeed is an underrated fashionista.

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