#Unsigned: Flash Forward To New Bruce Loko Music
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Unsigned aims to shine the light on deserving artists that have the greatest potential to make the greatest impact in the music industry and today on Unsigned we looking at Bruce Loko and the music that made our ears perk at his marvel sounds. It has been a while since we had new music from the alternative pro house music beat maker. But The music that we have had from him ha sufficed until this very day.

Hailing from Mpumalanga, Bruce Loko is heavily influenced by Jazz music that spills over into his music. This can be peeked up by the different elements and instruments that he uses in his music that stand far apart from the conventional house music producers. Bruces music sounds like a movie score, created by an orchestra for a high-end production film. Listening to his black pearl project his unconventional stylistic approach to his music is very much apparent and present.

Bruce Loko – Black Pearl EP

The Black Pearl EP is a four-track masterpiece and that’s not an unproportional exaggeration. The project may house only four tracks track that mount up to 27 minutes of listening time. But within the 27 minutes, you will experience and disturbance in the space-time continuum as time seems to be straight and warp as you spiral through the EP. The EP essentially sounds like a sore of a SciFi movie, like an upbeat version of “Star Wars”.

But what can we expect from Bruce This year?

This might seem like a difficult question to answer not knowing what Bruce has planned under his leave. But all we can do right now is to wish and put it out in the open universe to one day it might be heard and reciprocated.

Asked or expecting the new music might seem mundane and not much of an ask. But is much as he possesses a unique sound that could be considered his own unique genre. It would be rather interesting to hear him take the same stride under the Afro-house canopy.


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