UPDATE: The Rape Allegations Against DJ Fresh & Euphonik Dropped Due To Insufficient Evidence
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The prosecutor in the rape allegation case against DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik has dismissed the case

The rape allegations against popular radio personalities, DJ Fresh and Euphonik have been dropped due to insufficient evidence. This announcement comes after the duo were released from their employment contracts at national radio broadcaster, 947.

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According to EWN, the NPA’s Lumpka Mahanjana said a decision to not prosecute was take. “The matter was indeed presented to the prosecutor. Upon perusal of all the evidence available in the docket, a decision not to prosecute was taken. There are no prospects of successful prosecution on the available evidence because the evidence is insufficient.”

Both DJ Fresh and Euphonik took to social media to release statements in response to the news.

We are pleased to state that, after considering all of the evidence collected while investigating the claim made by Ms Madikizela against us, the Chief Prosecuter has dismissed the allegations on the basis that the allegations are without merit. The docket has been marked NOLLE PROSEQUI”, part of the statement read. They also condemned the waponization of GBV against them and ended off the statement by thanking their family, fans and legal team for the support.  

The response from social media is split 

Social media has been split over the decision to get the charges dropped with some implying that DJ Fresh and Euphonik used their power and money to avoid the case going to trial. Some welcomed the decision. 

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