Things To Know About Vegan Make Up – 2019 Beauty Trends
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There has always been great controversy surrounding what goes into making the makeup we wear. From fish scale mascara to crushed beetle lipstick we’ve heard all about the many different ingredients that go into makeup products. Not to mention the issue of animal testing.

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With information like this it is clear that something needs to change and fortunately for the beauty industry they are. Since 2016, a growing beauty trend has been bubbling up and emerging to take over the beauty industry. This trend turned makeup revolution has been looming on the low for a while but has now found its way up to the surface with it exploding onto the global makeup scene in 2019. It is the epitome of sustainable and ethical business and is mainly driven by gen z. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about the vegan makeup revolution.

According to reports, vegan makeup is booming with statistics indicating that it will be a $20.8 billion business by the year 2025. Promising upward trajectories like this demonstrate the large space and need there is for such products within the beauty industry. Modern beauty companies are shifting their focus, paying greater attention to the changing needs and wants of modern customers who ultimately, prioritize sustainable and ethical business practices. Modern consumers, particularly gen z and millennials are more inquisitive than ever before as they demand to know what goes into making the products they consume on a daily basis. They are more aware and therefore more informed allowing them to make better purchasing decisions. The rise of the vegan makeup revolution is simply a great example of the above consumer shift.

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It all started with Kat Von D Beauty in 2016 when they announced that they would be reformulating their products to be vegan. In March 2018, Milk Makeup followed along by also reformulating their products to be vegan and since then it has been a nonstop vegan makeup revolution. However, although being active in the beauty movement is great and significant, it is also equally important to not get things twisted because vegan doesn’t always necessarily mean natural, cruelty-free or organic. In fact in some cases vegan makeup can be more chemically-processed. For example, a mascara can be completely free of animal based ingredients but can still be tested on animals somewhere along the line. Or a mascara could be fully vegan,  produced by a cruelty free brand but could be owned by a bigger beauty organisation that tests on animals. Besides that, vegan makeup brands could be selling their products within countries that lawfully require all international cosmetics to be tested on animals first such as China. That doesn’t leave a lot of options for us consumers except to research.

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Should we as consumers truly want to adopt a 100% vegan makeup lifestyle it is vital that we do our research and homework to further verify these beauty companies. One must transform into an expert ingredient label reader in order to make sure makeup is vegan. With information at our finger tips it has never been easier to do so.

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