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WATCH: AKA Shares The Stage With His Biggest Fan



AKA Shares Video Of Him Dancing Onstage With A Young Fan 

Rapper AKA is having a great month so far! His third album, Touch My Blood, went Gold this past weekend and he has embarked on a massive tour around the country to celebrate with his fans. At a show this weekend in KZN, the rapper posted a video of himself vibing on stage and the crowd going bananas for him, as usual. The one difference in this video though is that AKA has a little girl with him on stage, go bonkers.

(Image: AKA Instagram)

“While I was performing earlier, I saw this little girl dancing and singing along to EVERYTHING. I pulled her up on stage and jammed with her … This is why God has given me my gift … to make people happy… This is the type of thing I live for”, the rapper tweeted.

The video shows AKA and the little girl dancing to a routine that looks like it was choreographed. Their energy levels were on par and the dance moves were just as lit. The little girl was not shy at all and she basked in the moment. 

Peep the video below!


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