WATCH: AKA – The World Is Yours
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“Always knew you’d be on top again, Supa Mega he on top again…”! Familiar with this line? It’s from AKA’s newest joint, The World Is Yours. The rapper dropped the visuals for this track yesterday and the fans are feeling the beams. There’s a review of the song here.

The video was shot in Phuket, Thailand and was directed by Alessio Bettocchi, AKA & Prince Costinyo. The concept behind it – namely, gaining control of your life and actually reaching for your dreams – is shown in the story of the video.

We see the Supa Mega on a boat sipping on some champagne; we also see him in the market interacting with the locals, to him go-kart racing and just enjoying his time there. We also see some steamy moments between him and his bae, Bonang, and lemme just say that the fans are particularly loving the scenes they share together.

Overall, if the objective of the video was to showcase AKA enjoying himself in Thailand, then it would have been awesome if it was shot documentary style much like his Life On The Road segments.

Plenty of peeps have been poking fun at the video saying stuff like: “Props to Bonang for shooting this”. I mean! Check out reactions to the video from some fans:

Check the video below and tell us what you think.


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