WATCH: Cassper Nyovest Ft. Goapele- Destiny
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The hardest working man in the industry is having such an incredible year! Cassper Nyovest dropped his platinum selling album, Thuto, scored multiple award nominations and now the successful rapper has dropped his latest video, Destiny, featuring songstress Goapele. 

Destiny is set in a futuristic looking environment- we see that from the clothes worn by both Cassper and Goapele, the furniture and the minimalist approach to the clothing and space design. Aesthetically, Destiny is futuristic.  

This video is not the ones we are used from Cassper Nyovest, Destiny actually tells a story. The story is a little bit abstract and confusing but it’s a story nonetheless. Goapele walks into an expensive looking sea view apartment and walks to the blinds that automatically open themselves, hey now! She then takes an elevator which leads her to a sickly man who looks like he is hanging on his last thread. 

At first glance, the video seems to tell a story about a woman who never got the chance to be with the love of her life but instead chose a man who is now on his deathbed. But when Cassper starts rapping, we get to see that he may be the “love of her life” that she sings of. We then see that he may have engineered her and created her to quell his loneliness and keep him company.

He literally made someone, an android, to love and love him back not realizing that he is human and will die and leave his creation behind. To put this into perspective, we see tender moments between them in the form of flashbacks of videos they took when Cassper was still young. Damn! The old Cassper ends up passing away and leaving his android girlfriend to pick up the pieces. 

Destiny is a film by Dirty Soul Productions and of course, Kyle Lewis handled the direction of the video. This is amazing. high quality work! 

 Peep the video below and share with us your thoughts! 


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