WATCH: DJ Stavo Ft. Roki – The Journey
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DJ Stavo is a man who clearly needs no introduction. His accomplishments and achievements speak for themselves and he has built a brand that is both solid and growing.  Check out the visuals for his latest single The Journey featuring vocalist, Roki.

A few months ago the award winning DJ dropped his first single for 2017, The Journey, and the song went on to be well received by the masses with most praising the DJ for his creativity.

The Journey is a dope sounding feel good song about finding yourself and going through your own journey that has been calling. Besides the strong message of the song, there are some distinct elements which make it a pleasure to listen to.

When the video begins, we see DJ Stavo and his girl, played by actress Zola Nombona, having a huge argument which results in DJ Stavo, storming out and going for a drive. His car dies in the middle of nowhere and he is forced to walk and find help. He walks for what seems like forever in the sites of abandoned mines. He ends up at what looks like a club in the city and this is where he reconciles with his love and they just let loose and have fun.

The visuals are dope and they put the song into perspective. Well done to the production team!

Check them out below and tell us what you think!



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