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WATCH: Evening Makeup Tutorial by Afrique Beauty Lounge



LEARN how to do this evening makeup.

We recently caught up with the exquisite Lazola Ngangelizwe who is the head makeup artist at Afrique Beauty Lounge.

She took some time out of her hectic schedule in order to teach us a thing or two on how to rock the evening look.

Check out her tips:


NYX Professional Makeup leaves your eyes with a super pigmented colour.


For ombre lips, Lazola used this creamy satin creamy lipstick formula from Mac which has a soft cushion feel, a medium-to-full buildable coverage and a matte finish.


This gorgeous new Black Up powder leaves a silky and ultra-fine shimmer. We love how it blends into the skin to create a flawless, warm glow.

Watch the video above for full beauty tips.

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WATCH Cassper Nyovest on Universal Music Deal: “This is not me selling my soul”



WATCH Cassper Nyovest Breaks Down Family Tree’s partnership With Universal Music

Cassper Nyovest did the unthinkable last week when he announced that his record label, Family Tree, has signed a partnership deal with one of the biggest record labels in the country, Universal Music. We have already run the story and the response to this huge and unconventional decision.

We sat down with Cassper Nyovest and asked him to break down the deal. He hesitated to say much about but he assured us that more will be revealed in time. “Well it’s the first announcement to a lot of announcements. We’ve got a lot of partnerships that we’re working on, me and Universal. And yeah, I’m excited about that”, he says.

He continued to explain that it is not Cassper the artist signing to Universal Music Group but instead it is his entire label, Family Tree who are going to be working with Universal.  So in essence, he still is the boss and still owns 100% of his music and publishing.

“Universal doesn’t have any control over how Family Tree is run. Obviously they will make suggestions as they are our partner but the final decision on creativity and how stuff is still up to me. I still own 100% of my music. So this is not me selling my company or selling my soul or anything. The contract is good.”

He also stressed that him deciding to take this deal was because he felt like he has done what he could with his label and now he wanted to reach new shores and achieve new milestones; on a global level.

“Even if I sell triple platinum as an indie label, it’s not growth. I want to be able to have a platinum record in Kenya, have a platinum record in Nigeria. For me to do that I need people who are actually living there, who have offices there to come and push the music.”

It’s safe to say that Cassper Nyovest is looking at global domination with this deal!

Peep the rest of the interview!

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