Watch: Here Are 7 Music Videos To Check Out Today- Hip-Hop Edition
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We bring you a list of the hottest Hip-Hop music videos on the Zkhiphani streets today that are must watches. Not only are these music videos visually enticing but they will also get you loving your Hip-Hop talents even more. This list features stunning visuals from K.O, Priddy Ugly, A-Reece & Jay Jody, Shane Eagle, Zulo, KashCPT and 25K.

K.O – Emoyeni (Official Music Video)

K.O. finally released the music video to his anticipated hit single, ‘Emoyeni’ and we have got to say the visuals carry a variety of elements that relate very much with the single.

The first element we picked up on was the opening shots of the local vendors selling goods from ‘Combo Snacks’ to ‘Chicken Feet being grilled’. The colorful intro not only emits the daily hustles carried by people in township areas but then as well as them having the ability to make money even in difficult times like these.

The Limo shot is one perspective of which will leave you thinking of various questions on how it blends in with the storyline but then again, we feel like that’s the whole aim of it, to get us speaking.

The visuals for ‘Emoyeni’ are currently sitting on the Top 62 Music Video position on YouTube and we have to compliment the production team on the amazing job they did from gathering the community members of the various locations they were shooting at to the vibe they have brought to our screens.

It is a definite recommendation from us to you.

Watch the Official Music Video for Emoyeni by K.O. below:

Priddy Ugly – Por Favor (Official Music Video)

Priddy Ugly has been consistent with releasing engaging visuals for the past months and the one that caught our attention the most has to be the Official Music Video for his Single ‘Por Favor’ from his recent body of work titled, ‘SOIL’.

We are highly excited that the ‘Story Telling’ through visuals Priddy Ugly is back. The visuals are split into two Acts although the second Act will only be given to us soon… we hope. The well narrated story compliments the single as Priddy Ugly is being chased by Two Thugs in the streets of Alex.

Not only is the ‘Story Telling’ through visuals Priddy Ugly back but then so is the well-known, ‘Opel’ Kaddet back on the road. The ‘Por Favor’ visuals are shot in collaboration with CIDEFX also featuring the ‘COUSIN’ himself, Maglera Doe Boy as the getaway driver in one of the scenes. We highly look forward to seeing many more visuals between the two parties as they have been doing an amazing job creating well written story lines for Priddy Ugly’s Visuals.

We hope you enjoy this Short Film as much we did.

You can watch it below:

A-Reece and Jay Jody as Blue Tape – Tuff Luck

The visuals for ‘Tuff Luck’ by A-Reece and Jay Jody as Blue Tape is finally out and we have got to give props to the ‘House Party’ Theme that they executed very well.

The Duo have been hard at work and this is reflected not only by the numbers projected by the initial body of work, heaveN caN waiT : thE narroW dooR voL.1. The visuals feature some cameo appearances by a variety of creatives from Pretoria like 25K. The Tuff Luck Music Video gives off not only a vibey House Party element but then also features a couple dance moves.  This is a rare element to find in A-Reece’s Music Videos or even Jay Jody’s. We look forward to seeing more visuals from the duo.

In the meantime do check out their Masterpiece for Tuff Luck below:

 25k – Trap Jumpin

 25K has decided to bless us with the Official Music Video for the Single, Trap Jumpin’ from his latest project, Pheli Makaveli.

The visuals explore two different sides of the world from the luxurious sides of Sandton to the impoverished sides of the hood. 25K also went on to giving us a different side of Hustling in the video.

The music video is a must watch as it allows you to explore into two different aspects of life in one video.

You can give the Music Video for Trap Jumpin by 25K below:

Shane Eagle – Green Freestyle

Shane Eagle decided to bless us with a freestyle titled, Green before the drop of his Album also titled, ‘Green’.

The freestyle had all of social media discussing on whether it is a diss single to other Hip-Hop acts or not. The visuals for the Green freestyle allows us to tap into a more personal aspect of Shane Eagle. We get to see him around public areas and being intimate with people. The visuals were shot in a close manner where it feels like a vlog more than anything. Giving us a retro feeling visual has to be the black and white aesthetic as well as the Grainy scenes.

The visuals are worth the watch as you get a much more one on one feel to Shane Eagle than ever.

Watch the visuals below:

Kashcpt Ft Blxckie – Denims 

 KashCPT decided to bless us with visuals for his long anticipated single titled, ‘Denims’ featuring high-rising star, Blxckie.

The Music Video to the song consists of two narratives of which compliment one another. The first narrative shows the two artists being taken to prison. The second narrative shows both Kash and Blxckie living like how ‘Rockstars’ would live. As you can imagine, the parties get wilder and wilder in the music video.

Certain scenes from the Music Video also give off the ravishing side of Cape Town.

Best believe that you are bound to be taken on a well needed ‘FLIGHT’ off to Cape Town from your screen.

You can watch the Official Music Video for ‘Denims’ by KashCPT and Blxckie:

Zulo – Love Your Life 

Everyone is Jolly and Happy in these astounding visuals for ‘Love Your Life’ by Zulo.

The official music video is currently bringing ‘Summer’ in ‘Autumn’ through the depicted house party ambience and vibey sound. Zulo aims on spreading positivity through the visuals.

The music video consists of the attendees playing various games like ’30 seconds’; ‘Beer Pong’ and other well known house party games. You will definitely be held by your seat wanting for more and more of the happy vibes to an extent where you want to be invited to the next.

The talented Zulo’s single ‘Love your life’ reminds us of AKA at his peak. We look forward to seeing what Zulo has in pack for us this year.

Do enjoy the visuals below:

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