WATCH K Naomi on her DEAL with Vogue
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We recently caught up with TV Personality, Model, and all-around It Girl K Naomi Noinyane, she is known for her trendy personal style and undeniable beauty. But there is more to K Naomi than what meets the eye. She recently collaborated with a major eyewear brand, vogue.

A real eyewear-lover, K Naomi embraces the brand’s philosophy of “beauty that goes beyond just beauty”. Talking to us about the #SHOWYOURVOGUE campaign: a strong message for all women around the world. Every woman has a V-side that reflects her own personality and attitude and makes her unique and beautiful, more than her external beauty. 

I discovered my V-side when I realized how important it was to look after myself mentally and physically. I took it to myself to be responsible for the aspects of myself that I found most important, so I decided to go to gym and start boxing and paying attention to my body and what makes me feel happy

says K Naomi.


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