WATCH: Kashcpt Teams Up With Manu Worldstar On The Sentimental Love Song “Hold You Down”
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Never Broke’s newest member, Kashcpt releases the visuals for his 2020 single, Hold You Down featuring Manu Worldstar

Cape Town born creative and all round musician, Kashcpt has finally unleashed the visuals for his single Hold You Down featuring Manu Worldstar. Hold You Down was released back in 2020 and is taken from his debut mixtape CAPE TOWN RADIO.

Kashcpt is arguably one of the more exciting acts to come out of 2020. The multi-talented singer-songwriter recently joined pioneering collective Never Broke who have since made his sound and aspirations to bend genres fit right into the brand. The CAPE TOWN RADIO mixtape is an astounding embodiment of this fact.

The video for Hold You Down sees Kashcpt walking a beautiful young lady through somewhat of a transport museum as he serenades her. The visuals are short and get straight to the point but they also reveal the softer and more vulnerable side of Kashcpt. We see him in low lit intimate spaces with his girl.  The colour brown being the prominent shade in the visuals creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This is the first time that we visually see him try to impress a girl and the mood is further elevated by Manu Worldstar’s quality vocals and Kashcpt’s knack for melodic rap singing.

The visuals for Hold Me Down were handled by Never Broke’s Grimshots who does a great job!

Peep the music video below!

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