WATCH: Killer Kau – Kataliya (Official Music Video)
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The long-awaited ‘Kataliya’ Music video is out and it is everything we thought it would be.

Last week we saw countless posts from Killer Kau on Instagram promoting his first music video to his debut EP, After School EP. Having seen the line up on his Instagram feeds of the acts that were to make a debut on the music video.

The video features the likes of Uncle Vinny, Miano Kammu Dee, and many more sprinkled all over the video. But what caught our eyes and piqued our interest, was the storyline. The story of a young lady that who we assume is Kataliya. Who is a flashy girl who fancies a the upper life who is being pursued by a lesser flashy young man.

But with the story between the young lady and the young man put aside. we take a look at the potential to turn the entire EP into a movie EP. Meaning that each and every video from the project the story would flow into one another or continue a single storyline.

For instance, Kataliya was the first of the 6 tracks from the EP to receive the video treatment and set the plot for the EP video series. So moving forward we need a second video that would continue the story. Which track do you think would be best?

Well listening to the EP the perfect song we thing would be more suitable to sequel Kataliya? While we believe Joy would do justice is the story arch of the After School EP. This is a result of the ending of Kataliya the music video.

Hit us up in the comment section below letting us know which video should be next in line to continue the story arch of the After School EP.

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