WATCH: Meet Eclectic Music Collective, Dizzy Monks
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Dizzy Monks Are A New And Diverse Group Of Artists

We recently met a new music creative and we were pleasantly surprised because these guys are ahead of their time. Dizzy Monks are an eclectic music collective who invited us to their epic music video screening. We got to chat to the guys about their individual contributions to the collective as well as their music.

(Image supplied: Ginger Trill)

The Dizzy Monk Entertainment stable mainly comprises of hip hop artists as well as a talented R&B singer. The current members of the collective include Top Gogg, Ginger Trill, Dust and Young Native. They work with a host of other young and talented producers, sound engineers and other notable content creators.

DME is a fully functional studio that has a small team of in-house sound engineers, content producers and admin to fulfil projects and work on in-house operations.

(Image supplied: Dust)

The gents decided to launch their group into the mainstream in the most amazing way! The Dizzy Monks movie is a video which consists of 5 tracks which all have a different kind of vibe and sound. The video was shot by AYTCH, a relatively new production company omprising of Tamzyn Botha, Marco Filby and Jono Kryiakou.

After having worked with Tamzyn before, Dizzy Monks approached her about creating the Dizzy Monks Movie- which is essentially five videos in one!

(Image supplied: Young Native)

“The ​Dizzy Monks ​ video is our third video. For this video we worked with the newly formed Aytch Productions. Having worked with Tamzyn before, we knew she had a creative flair and hands-on approach, and thought she would be great for this video project. She assembled an A team and we made magic together,“ the gents say.

They each broke down the concept for their individual music videos. Check out the rest of the interview we handled with them below!



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