WATCH: Patrick Shai Apologises To Cassper Nyovest After A Series Of Offensive Videos
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Patrick Shai has sent out an apology video to Cassper Nyovest for insulting his mother 

Veteran actor and GBV activist, Patrick Shai has released an apology video to Cassper Nyovest. This comes after a series of disrespectful videos where the actor insulted Cassper Nyovest’s mother and challenged the rapper to a boxing match.

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Taking to social media, Patrick issued an apology to Cassper Nyovest, his mother and the country for his distasteful comments. Adding that he regrets the things that he said and that he should have known better as an elder.

I apologise, for having used such strong language towards your mom. Even though the challenge would have been an ideal thing, it is now soured by what I said. Askies, from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

Cassper Nyovest was shocked at how distasteful the comments from Patrick Shai were

On Monday afternoon, a video of the legendary actor trended on social media. In the video, Patrick Shai was visibly hostile and threatening towards Cassper Nyovest with most social media users asking why he hated Nyovest so much.

This is the Ntate Patrick Shai. I want to meet you in the ring. I want to beat you boy. Before I die I want to make sure that I have beaten you so that on my tombstone it says this is the old man who made Cassper Nyovest soil his pants,”he declared. Adding, “I will beat you. Give me that respect. Come, you son of a bitch,” he continued.


Cassper appeared surprised at this personal attack and challenge. Responding to the video, Cassper wrote: “If there’s one thing I regret about my fame is how my family has been disrespected by strangers,” he wrote. Requesting that people should respect his family as they are not the famous ones.

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