WATCH: Priddy Ugly Goes Full Skhothane In New Video For Tshela
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Ambitiouz Visuals do not disappoint and we say this because much like their previous videos, Priddy Ugly’s latest video is a heater. He dropped the video for the first single which off his newly released album, E.G.Y.P.T, titled Tshela.

Tshela is way different, sonically, from Priddy’s previous works and the change is audible. The most obvious link I can make between the sound and style in Tshela is his previous hit, Bula Boot. This is because Priddy gets playful in the way he raps and the subject matter.

In Tshela, the rapper speaks about wanting to be resurrected as a Skhothane and live a life that is lavish and recklessly cool. The styling in the video is centred on this concept and sees Priddy Ugly hanging out with proper Izikhothane, dressed in the most garish and elaborate outfits and spilling Fanta Oranges and Ultramels all over the show. Basically just being excessive.

The amount of flexing and stunting comes through the video and Priddy Ugly goes through the video with so much ease that you would think that this is the life that he lives all day every day. The video is both colourful and vibrant.

Ambitiouz Visuals did a great job by thinking outside of the box when it comes to the post production of this video. The weird elements make it charming but honestly, Priddy Ugly has made way more creative videos while he was still independent and without such a strong financial muscle. The quality is fresh still.

Peep the video below!


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