WATCH: Skolopad Talks New Music
Published 4 years ago by

We caught with the infamous and controversial, Skolopad and she gave us a heads up about her new song she is dropping in the 1st week of October. Peep the vid and her priceless outfit.

The infamous musician has been in the news lately and if you believe in the mantra that bad publicity is good publicity then she must be doing an awesome job. The Qwa-qwa native has been in the news for her barely there outfits at various big events, her naked photo shoot with her daughter and more recently her PDA for DJ Euphonik.

But now, the Mzimba artist has decided to share with us news of her upcoming single. She did not speak much about the song so all we know is that it is dropping the first week of October. The new single is titled Ungayi’Speak Lento and it could be a banger! 

Peep the video below!


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