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WATCH #WhatChewDo when your nudes leak?



So, what do you do when your nudes land on social media? We decided to hit the streets of Braam to find out how our peeps would deal with the situation! We got a bunch of interesting answers & cool tips that we hope will help should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Peep the vid below!

When you are dealing with awkward situations like these you need #MouthAndMindRefreshment and a shout out to Stimorol for providing just this!  Stimorol is the one habit that refreshes mouth and mind, helps you focus and take everything in your stride.

Stimorol has produced a variety of cheeky STIMOTORIALS with tips on #WhatChewDo in familiar situations. For example,

#WhatChewDo when bae has more food in his teeth than on his plate?

#WhatChewDo When you’re at a bar and the bartender keeps ignoring you?

#WhatChewDo When it’s the Derby and you can’t get into the game?

#WhatChewDo When you lose your phone and don’t know your bae’s number?

#WhatChewDo When you are the only person contributing to a group project?

Grab South Africa’s number one gum and check out all the STIMOTORIALS on the StimorolSA Facebook page.

#WhatChewDo    #MouthAndMindRefreshment

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