WATCH Zakes Bantwini On His New Music Doing Well Outside Mzansi
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He says his music is in high rotation in neighbouring countries.

Known for his knack in showmanship, the self proclaimed Ghetto King, Zakes Bantwini, recently dropped a tune called “Freedom” ahead of South Africa’s Freedom Day in April 2019. Zkhiphani had a talk with Zakes and he had some things that he wanted to get off his chest.

Zakes touched on how he is not being played on South African radio as opposed to other countries.

I’m talking to you now, if your song is not on radio in South Africa it does not mean it can’t be on radio in Nigeria, Namibia or Portugal

says Zakes Bantwini.

The award-winning Zakes Bantwini is known for his club bangers and footwork. He is also revered for his notable collaboration with the world-renowned DJ Black Coffee with whom he collaborated on the album Love, Light and Music. His hit single “JUJU” was born out of this successful collaboration.

Zakes’ career sky-rocketed locally and internationally with this masterpiece of an album and led to him performing on stages in the greater Africa, Europe and Asia.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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