WATCH! Zodwa Spotted Swimming Butt Naked In Pool
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Just when you think Zodwa Wabantu couldn’t shock us anymore than she has, she goes and ups her game. The dancing entertainer – who is making waves in and around Mzansi with her risqué outfits and provocative dance moves – leveled up her shock factor when she recently posted a video of herself swimming in a pool… in nothing but her birthday suit.

In one of the videos released, Zodwa is seen gliding face down as she paddles in an inviting blue pool.

The second video shows the socialite flipped over on her back as she kicks away in the pool. She captions one of the videos; “Freedom is knowing kuyafana😂😂😂 Do you. Don’t suffer from bazothini abantu. Naked pool. Naked truth. Zodwa Wabantu“.

The Instagram video – which has been viewed over 53 000 times – sees scores of Zodwa’s fans divided in their opinion. While others condemned her “nudity” and the kind of “message she’s teaching young people who follow her”, a few ridiculed her “swimming abilities”, while others simply reveled in the dancer’s “beautiful body”

Yah neh! Zodwa’s level of “zero fucks given” is on steroids! What do you think?

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