We Revisit Chymamusique’s Classic Ahead Of His Forthcoming Release
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Master engineer and soulful aficionado Chymamusique is gearing up to release his first body of work for the new decade. We haven’t heard much from Chyma over the past few years, except for odd releases here and there. But Chyma has been busy behind the scenes engineering most of the music that you hear in the street and also on the radio.

Chymamusique is behind the engineering on King Monada and Gab Cannal’s music. Before we step into what to expect from his upcoming release aptly titled Quarantine EP, let us take a step back and look at the music that first made us love his sound and maybe we can get a clue as to what to expect from his newest release.

Chymamusique first caught our attention with his debut single Lost in words that took us by storm back in 2011. A profound introduction that boasted in his signature soulful sonic demeanor.

Lost In Words – Chymamusique


Soul And Mind – Chymamusique

Arguably the song that solidified Chymamusique as the soulful House Music Prince at the time. The song was taken an even greater height when, Da Capo, who was huge at the time in the streets, remixed the song. This was a big deal as this was one of those songs that fell under Da Capo’s transition from Tribal to Afro-house.

Jazz According To House – Chymamusique


Chymamusique Turbulent Remix

Posted by Chymamusique on Thursday, 5 March 2020


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