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Major League Gardens iturn’up yamampela! (19) Riky Rick

This past weekend has proved to be quite eventful. The weather was amazing and events were plentiful. Let’s take a look at who made the news headlines this weekend.

Riky Rick and Sibot release new track

Don’t you just hate it when you save up your hard earned money for your favourite rapper’s show and then they don’t show up? This is what happened to Ricky Rick’s fans back in his home town, Kwa-Mashu. According to the Sunday Sun, the rapper was a no show at the Ink Hop Festival, at Princess Magogo Stadium.

The event organizers as well as the PR agent at Mabala Noise confirmed that the rapper missed his flight that night. This is obviously unacceptable especially when you have thousands of fans who probably went to the show just to see him perform. But then again, since the festive season is approaching, his schedule must be tight. What do you think?

DJ Bongz

Another artist who has left promoters fuming is DJ Bongz. According to Sunday Sun, the DJ was booked to perform at an event in Cape Town almost three weeks ago, but he never pitched despite being paid the booking fee. What is up with these artists Mabala Noise though? Unlike with Riky Rick, DJ Bongz’s people did not know why he never showed up for the event. But he claims that Mabala Noise did not pay him his share of the money. Mhlo Gumede of Mabala Noise said that they will try to compensate event organiser, Simphiwe Mtyenene.


It seems the drama does not want to end for Minnie Dlamini. According to Sunday World, the Tropika Island of Treasure presenter has reportedly been in loggerheads with the producers and the sponsors of the show. The conflict stems from the fact that the show’s producers wanted to bring in a co-host to present with Minnie even though Minnie was signed on to be the sole host of the show.


So in sad news, well, for all of those who are J Lo fans, it is reported that the international superstar will not be performing in South Africa as scheduled. This is because the South African of the Year Awards 2016 will be postponed until next year and that date will be announced as the time approaches. According to information on the website, the reason the postponement of the awards was because of what they call “unforeseen regulatory circumstances that have materially impacted on logistics for the event”. No money then? I’m just curious how much they have already spent on securing artists and booking the venue.

Spotted Celebrities fight night! (6) The host Gareth Cliff

In sad news, Gareth Cliff has announced his retirement as a judge from Idols SA. You can read about it over here.

Which news caught your attention this past weekend? Share them with us!

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