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Weird Fashion Trends



Photo by Wanda Lephoto, 2019.

If you care for fashion you are bound to look back at some of your fashion choices and wonder what you were thinking. Just remember, you are not alone! Sometimes things you once absolutely loved, make it onto the cringe list. Here are a few fashion trends that probably should be retired for good.

Bedazzled jeans
Thinking of making your classic jeans a little extra with the addition of some glittering rhinestones? Put down the bedazzler and step away from the pants. But why you ask? Firstly, bling can actually make jeans quite uncomfortable, and the more bling, the worse it is. But worse, these suckers are next to impossible to wash. You cannot simply hurl them into the washing machine with your choice detergent and be done. You have to wash by hand. So, the sheer impracticality of these jeans is why they have made the list.


These slip-on plastic clogs have been ridiculed for being the ugliest shoes on the market since they were launched in 2002. While Crocs are hailed for being unbelievably comfortable, we have to face the fact that they are simply hideous. There is also evidence that suggests that old style Crocs are actually bad for your feet because there’s little in the way of support for your arches and toes. So, unless you are a professional chef, nurse or an avid gardener, yesteryear Crocs are not a trendy choice … sorry, not sorry!


Sky-high shoulder pads
Shoulder pads are a shaped pad sewn into the shoulder of a garment to provide bulk and shape. While a perfectly tailored shoulder pad can do wonders for the form of a classic blazer or jacket, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Remember Dallas? Shoulder pads smack of protective gear and the time has come to shrug them off for good.


The mullet is a hairstyle that is short in the front and sides, and long in the back. Few haircuts are as controversial as this one. It’s known for it’s ‘business in the front’, ‘party in the back’ attitude which has polarised people for decades. From bold pop culture statement to fashion faux pas, it’s up to you to decide whether the mullet lives on.

Whatever lessons you take from fashion history make sure you follow these garment tips
And remember, unfortunately not all fashion was created equal. We’ll leave it up to you…

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