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We’re Talking Style Inspiration and Thrifting with L.e.r.a.i | Zkhiphani Style



She’s a content creator, public speaker, actress, model and on top of that, social media fashion influencer. There’s simply nothing that this young style trailblazer can’t do.

Image Source: @l.e.r.a.i Instagram

Lerai describes her style as magical with a large part of it being influenced by her mood. She loves to embrace spontaneity in putting together her outfits making way for more innovative styles to come to light. Lerai also draws great inspiration from the people around her, social media as well as social issues that she feels strongly about. She loves how easy fashion makes it to express her identity, adding that it’s an instant visual portrayal of who she is and her lifestyle.

Image Source: @l.e.r.a.i Instagram

When the young fashionista is not working and collaborating with cool streetwear and beauty brands, she’s hanging out with some of her most favorite humans, her friends, of which she also draws inspiration from as well.

Image Source: @l.e.r.a.i Instagram

When asked about where she shops, Lerai advised to “run as far as you can away from the mall!”As a big thrifter herself, Lerai prefers to shop and source a lot of her clothes from thrift stores or from her mother. She enjoys the exclusivity that comes with thrifting adding that it helps keep your style more original and fresh. And in true gen z swag, Lerai loves to shop online.




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