What is Happening in Durban? TNS Called Out By Fellow Dj Lace
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At a time where South Africans are expected to work together to ensure we are making it out of this crisis more united then we went in. For the past few months, we have seen a tremendous amount of collaborations in the South African music scene. Cross-genre collabos have become something of a norm and have built a culture of support and great success.

But with the success comes inflated egos and cliques are quickly formed and artists prefer to hang out with another artist that they feel are of equal caliber to themselves. Unfortunately, this was this is what happened to Durban Based Dj/ Producer TNS.


TNS took to his Instagram live sometime last week to express his grievances with the industry and its gatekeepers. on the live stream, TNS mentioned that he was invited to the lockdown part on channel 0. While on his drive up to Johannesburg, is slot was canceled and they replaced him with another much prominent DJ to fill in his slot. TNS even burst into tears while live on Instagram.

Telling his fans that everyone is against him in the industry and does not want him to succeed, he further went on to say that say he is alone and has no one on his side. This experience has definitely triggered something in TNS as he is now pointing out the injustice in the music industry.

Not so long ago TNS went live to express more grievances about the Durban music scene. Calling out the group known as Durban United, which according to TNS houses most if not all the top Dj/producers in Durban but it doesn’t include him. Regarding himself as one of the best if not the best producer in Durban. TNS called out the producers in urban

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