What People Think Of Mr Price’s Scarlet Hill Makeup Brand
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By now most have heard about the exciting release and launch of Mr Price’s all new makeup line, Scarlet Hill. The South African retail giant took to social media to announce the great news where it featured the talented and beautiful Shekhinah as the face of the beauty brand as well as the gorgeous Lungile Thabethe, Scarlet Hill’s Head Makeup Artist.

Image Source: Mr Price YouTube

In an interview with Mr Price, the 25 year old musician expressed her love and appreciation for the opportunity to work with a brand like Mr Price, saying:

“Working with Mr Price to launch their brand new beauty brand is honestly a dream come true. From wearing their clothes since childhood, to being a part of something so monumental is so exciting!”

– Singer and Songwriter, Shekhinah

Both Shekhinah and Lungile Thabethe were even featured in a Mr Price YouTube makeup video where the two influencers were seen sharing their thoughts and opinions on Scarlet Hill. However, everyone’s thoughts matter too, which is why we’ve prepared a brief rundown of what other people thought of Mr Price’s Scarlet Hill makeup brand.

Image Source: Vongai Mapho YouTube

Naturally, when one wants to find out what people think of a particular product, we turned to YouTube review videos. For beauty, we considered some South Africa’s most influential beauty micro and macro-influencers such as Vongai Mapho, Thato Fox, Foyin Og and Olebogeng. Here are their thoughts and opinions:

Vongai Mapho

  • Loved the affordability of the makeup brand
  • Loved the great range of products available from skincare products to makeup to makeup equipment and more
  • Simple lashes, suitable for beginners
  • Lash glue doesn’t work that well

Thato Fox

  • Loved the colourful eye shadows, particularity shade, Spice Cinnamon
  • Mr Price could improve on the quality of their brushes 
  • Lashes are a little too basic, suggested layered lashes instead
  • Would have preferred clear lash glue as opposed to the black lash glue offered by Mr Price. The black glue does not allow users the flexibility to make mistakes as the black glue is highly visible should it smudge.
  • Rated the makeup brand a 6/10

Olebogeng Tseke

  • Thought it was a suitable beginners makeup range
  • Rated the makeup a 5/10

Foyin Og

  • Loved how easy and accessible the makeup range is due to the great affordability
  • Loved the visuals and the feeling of the branding such as the great use of bright colours
  • Enjoyed the range of eye shadow palettes available from the nude eye shadow palette to the more colourful palette available.

From a social media perspective, the general feelings towards the Mr Price beauty brand were positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the great ease of accessibility. The variety of products on offer from skincare, nails, makeup to equipment was another quality fans and followers raved about. As a whole, it’s a thumbs up on Scarlet Hill for sure.




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